By: Nour Sakr

Over the generations things have changed and people also changed their mentality, behavior and attitude. One of these main life characters we want to put  spots on, are Mothers!

Since it’s “Mother’s day”, we remind you how important is your mom either if she’s your mama or mommy. The average Egyptian sons/daughters and mainly the 80’s- 90’s generation call their mothers “Mama”.

Nowadays mothers teach their children to call them “Mommy”!


And the comparison goes on..

  1. Mama used to have certain budget (100-1000 EGP)for school fees, but Mommy who is used to have 5000$ to be paid per semester, is being affected by the dollar crisis since all the modern international schools are being paid with dollars.

2.Mama’s typical food meals where cooked with natural oils, chicken flavors and spices. Mama used to cook Wara2 Einab (Grape leaves stuffed with rice), Macroona bel Bashamel, Bamya (Okra), Hamam (edible domestic pigeons). . etc, she used to watch Fatafeet, read cooking books like Abla Nazeera’s and ask her mom about food


 BUT, Mommy cooks Fettuccini, Pappardelle, Tagliatelle, eats super food, bluberries, Acai, Sea weed, Chia seeds  & Quinoa, she goes to sushi classes and search the internet for pasta recipes. Mommy also cooks with Barbecue, Mushroom, white, brown and endless kinds of sauces!



3. Mama’s punishment was basically kolo bel shebsheb, el shama3a, anything in front of her, but the modern Mommy makes her kid go to the “naughty corner” and deprive them from their ipad!

tumblr_mk0gv5isYD1riqwyco1_400Young child sitting in corner as punishment

4.Mama used to make her kids wear cute barbie dresses for girls and spiderman, batman shirts for boys, but modern Mommies go to the expensive brand stores and buy the whole kids section.


5.Mama’s outing were all about going to the club or El-Montazah on a Friday along with the whole family or gather at the family house and spend the day together, but Mommy on a Friday drops her kids off to the         playing area and go have lunch & Flavoured Shisha  with her friends.


6.Mama’s activities were “Let’s make a cake!” or to watch the turkish series, but the Mommy goes to spinning, Zumba or yoga classes!


7.Mama used to ask the school teachers to have an eye on her kids behaviors and whenever they misbehave  they get punished, now mommies sue schools for punishing their children for not doing their homeworks!

 8.Mama does everything for her children; she feeds, cleans, cooks, hear your nagging all days, while mommy is always busy, so she has a maid who cleans, feeds and does all the work  and kids are always left with the nanny.


9.Mama drives her children off and from everywhere by herself, relies on school bus or even trusts her children using the Tram or Autobus but the busy Mommy gets her kids a driver who eventually becomes their only best friend!

10.Mama’s reward for good grades were 100 pounds while Mommy’s rewards start from Ps3 to iphone 6s !


 Mothers will always be appreciated over all generations and all ages.