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We had the pleasure of meeting up with the co-founders of NAMASTE, May and Merna Sakr, two sisters that one might describe as polar opposites… literally! The tough and the soft, the quiet and the outspoken, the imaginative and the practical, these two sisters are antipodes that together make the dream team. 


Nevertheless, they do share more than just their last names: a shared love for yoga and an aim to spread awareness of the importance of mental well-being and its direct relation to physical activity. 


“We believe that working on yourself is the best virtue, and that finding inner peace is the greatest accomplishment,” May said as we met them in their recently opened center one afternoon. 


There’s something about walking into Namaste that makes you immediately feel Zen, as if your body, mind, and soul take one collective deep breath in.


In Roushdy, Alexandria, the center is the kind of place that makes you inhale the good vibes. The reception area’s decor—complete with inspiring quotes written everywhere around—is the kind of respite from the outside world.


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When you walk through the doors of Namaste, you should feel like you’ve been transported to an oasis, with fresh aromas and relaxing music. The Sakr Sisters teamed up with a designer who mixed equal elements of comfort and style to create the cozy-chic atmosphere. The decor is practical as much as it is aesthetically pleasing. 


“Everything from lighting to flooring to even the location is chosen wisely,” Merna explained. It’s located in 27 Roushdy street, an area considered to be the heart of Alexandria, close to almost everyone. There’s also a parking area right next to us making it very convenient.


“We chose a solid color theme consisting of green, grey, and white to set a mindful, calm mood once guests walk into Namaste.”


“So what makes Namaste different from any other yoga center in Egypt?” I asked. 


“Namaste is a platform that combines both yoga and life coaching together,” Merna explained. “Two things which we believe have a lot in common. They both stimulate awareness and acceptance. They help you focus and be in the present moment. And most importantly they guide you to making peace with yourself and become the best version of it.”

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“What classes will you offer?” I asked.


“At Namaste we offer different kinds of yoga classes for all levels as well as one-on-one life coaching sessions,” she continued. “Workshops and courses will also be held in Namaste for those interested to be certified yoga instructors or get a deeper understanding of life coaching. We are focused on bringing new variations of yoga classes to Alexandria, such as Yin Yoga, Detox Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Kids Yoga, as well as the well known Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. We have also added Zumba to spice things up a bit more!”

You can also book your classes through our website

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However, Namaste’s core beliefs revolve around both mental and physical health.


“We aim to provide a judgement-free zone, where you leave your ego, negative thoughts, and stress at the door and enter with an open heart. A place that can leave a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul. We even incorporate aromatherapy in our classes, which is a healing treatment that uses essential oils to promote health and well being,” the sisters explained.


“So tell me more about yourselves,” I asked.


“I’m a yoga instructor as well as a life coach,” May answered. “I first started my journey as a life coach back in 2016, when I was facing a troubling situation in my life. I decided to study this field, so that I can help myself and my family to cope. I completed over 400 hours of individual and group coaching since 2017. During my studies, I was truly enlightened by the power of life coaching. It completely transformed me.”

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May chose to pass on this knowledge and to help others become the best versions of themselves. She is known for her positive energy that shines through any place she walks in, and her bright smile rarely leaves her face. This helps her form immediate, strong connections with her clients. 

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“And what about yoga?” I asked.


“I started my yoga journey in 2017, a year later, when I realized how much these two fields have in common. I’ve always loved sports in general, and Yoga was no exception!”

yoga with mai sakr10233May completed 500 RYT of multi-style yoga and became a registered yoga instructor affiliated to Soham Yoga Ashram, Indi. Mai is certified in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga from Mahindar Prasad and Cindrella school”


Merna jumped in and said, “the combination of yoga and life coaching is truly unique. They both preach common values, such as awareness, balance, and self-healing. This is why my sister always tries to implement her life coaching studies in the midst of yoga sessions to make them more beneficial and to provide a different kind of experience.”


Merna also clarified that she’s not a yoga instructor, just an admirer. “I’m handling the management and marketing of Namaste. I have a background in marketing and media.”

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The Sakr Sisters have a distinctive vision, focusing on raising awareness about yoga and life coaching in Alexandria, and for everyone to be able to approach their health and well-being in a more accessible and simple way. So whether you’re trying to get fit and flexible or simply looking for a place to unwind and fester, Namaste has something for everyone. 

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