By: Nourine El Aly

ATTENTION: fanny content

Nike never failed to put style and comfort in one shoe, each and every collection made was a yes yes! But what about those new slides ?

Reportedly Nike is releasing its new collection of sandals with built-in zippered small pockets.

The “fanny pack” edition of the Benassi JDI slides comes in a variety of color to suit your style, including black, apple green, and pink.

They’re not for sale yet but they’re supposedly coming out “SOON”. Guess we’re moving over Crocs, at least for how it looks.

Despite the fact that those slides are only handy for keeping your things inside them without actually using them, i mean who would take their shoes off to pay for something at a supermarket, that turns the fanny slides to funny slides.

Nevertheless it only looks like a coin porte-monnaie and not something that could hold a “Plus” sized iPhone.

On a scale from 1-10, I give this new invention a good 5, the points go to creativity, designing, choice of colors, comfort and lastly because it’s Nike.