By: Reem Adel Eid

Among those representing Egypt in the 2016 Summer Olympics is a team of 9 awesome young ladies competing in synchronized swimming. The adorable Egyptian team was all smiles, blushes, and gracefulness when asked by the reporter what it meant to be at the greatest athletic event of the year (even fan-girling about Michael Phelps, as one does).


Nariman Aly, 17, one of the girls that will be presenting Egypt, is the youngest synchro swimmer in Rio 2016.  With the rest of the team all under 21, the fresh faced ladies will break new barriers and show the world a unique side of Egypt’s younger generation.

thumbnail_master synch-edited You don’t just happen to stumble into the Summer Olympics. Actually, it’s known that synchronized swimmers practice more than most other Olympic athletes.  To qualify, the girls had to practice 6 days a week, 5 hours a day! In a sport where every split second counts, you can tell that these underwater superwomen will cause a big splash at Rio.

Egypt’s been known to steal the show in the past. In 2009 in Montreal, the Egyptian team danced to the beat of its own drum, literally, as they belly danced their routine away! This year, set your calendars for Sunday August the 14th, as Samia, Dara, Nariman, Leila, Nour, Jomana, Salma, Nehal, and Nada put on their waterproof makeup, and show the world how it’s done!