Princess Fawzia, 36, the youngest granddaughter of King Farouk I of Egypt and daughter former Crown Prince Ahmed Fouad, is to be married at her father’s home in Geneva the Saturday.

Princess Fawzia will marry a French man named Sylvain Honoudo, 39, an electronics engineer working in Monaco.


Fawzia works in the field of public relations and media. She previously worked in the private sector in Egypt in the field of business administration when she lived in Cairo. She also worked as a diplomat in the delegation of Monte Carlo. She was given the passport of the Principality of Monaco, based on the friendship between King Farouk and Prince of Monaco, the late husband of the famous American actress Grace Kelly.

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Sources  close to the former royal family said the marriage would be restricted to the remaining members of the royal family, the groom’s family, and very close friends.