Ahlam should write a guide book on how to revive tourism in Egypt! 

By: Nour Sakr

As a part of the Egyptian Pound drop, everyone complains about tourism in Egypt and how it is not the way it was four years ago.

when at that time, Egypt could boost nearly 15 million tourists a year, lured by such attractions as the Pyramids of Giza and the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh.


Now, the picture is quite different.

Hotel managers in Sharm el-Sheikh have now slashed prices to extremely low prices! That’s why you see those Facebook videos of people you may see on “shate2 Sidibeshr el momayaz” vacationing in Sharm El Sheikh—Yes! No surprise there, since everyone can now easily afford to go on a vacation for an entire week.

Many of the marvelous hotels, which offer spectacular views of the Red Sea, have been forced to drop its prices. The most prestigious resorts are offering guests rooms at very cheap prices—including taxes.

Yet, no one tried to do anything to encourage tourists to flood to our touristic spots.

The last thing I remember seeing was the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt only on social media, and it wasn’t sufficiently effective to boost tourism in Egypt after the great drop following two “thawras” and lots and lots of terrorist attacks on touristic and non-touristic spots!












Consequently, we are in need of every bit of positivity and encouragement. So, we had to mention how inspirational something like Ahlam’s launch of her new album “yulazmni Khayalak” in a very (and when I say very, I mean VERY) huge ceremony at the miraculous Royal Theatre of the Institute of Arab Music in Cairo founded by King Foad in 1923, which was honored many times when Oum Khalthoum, Abd El-Halim Hafez and Fayrouz stood and sang on its stage.

What I don’t understand and honestly never will, is how on Earth we have something so spectacular like the Royal Theatre and we rarely invest or use it in any beneficial kind of way!

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That call was not for you Mohamed Ramadan!  He was among the guests at the Royal Theatre. We just hope he never likes the place and decides to do a second part of El Ostora there.


The popular and well-admired singer Ahlam sent a classy prestigious invitation for her attendees to be and invited everyone to come to Egypt to attend her new album ceremony and called Egypt the “Hollywood of the Middle East.” She also arranged to book flights for all her attendees along with the limousines that went to pick them from airports to the Royal Theater.


Ahlam celebrated her new album’s release in the presence of a large number of social media elites and artists from literally everywhere, including Hani Shaker, Fifi Abdou, Samir Sabry, Sahar Gouda, Haifaa wehbi, the designer Hani Al-Beheri and the talk show host and singer Arwa!





We are sure there are lots of people with the same love for Egypt as Ahlam, who would choose (out of all the countries in the world) to host a ceremony in Egypt.

Isn’t this a significant hint that we should start doing something to show the world the real Egypt?

Finally! Something happened that is enthusiastic and worth mentioning. It’s such a great footpath to follow in the progress of refreshment of Egypt’s local tourism process!


Her love for Egypt is indescribable and genuine!