SeeThru saw enough in this young striker  Ramadan 3-2  Ramadan 6to make this interview.  Forging a promising international performance, Ramadan could be one of the outstanding world strikers in the coming years.

Ramadan 2-2

One of Al Ahly’s juniors, he quickly established himself as an important member of the first team and the national team  making strong appearances.  

Ramadan 4

Physical strengh, as well as using his intelligence and impressive positioning to thwart the opposition. Ramadan is just as impressive ON THE BALL, with an 89% pass success rate . Ramadan is definitely making a name for himself in the international scene, he has an impressive eye for goal , finding the net easily.


He’s the subject of much speculation as he thrust into the spotlight. SeeThru has interviewed Ramadan Sobhi to know more about this exceptional talent. Stay tuned!