By:  Salma Khattab

1950s were the time when curviness was in.

Yes, curvy bodies were popular.

People had those achievable, accessible physiques, represented by movie stars like Marilyn Monroe . 

 Then, Size 4 rolled most of the fashion companies campaigns. As if that’s the ideal, this idealized, aspirational woman will usually look one way — epic features, tall, typically white and thin. This fashionable ideal was born out of the classism and racism of the 1920s.  While real beauty was the victim of these campaigns, women paid the cost. Real beauty doesn’t have a certain size or shape but people judge them that they are  unconventional sizes which is really unfair. The world should know that it’s not all about looks and a certain size, it’s about being who you are and showing your own-self; thin, thick, fat, slim.. just be yourself.


There have been some exceptions. In the 1990s, the plus-size model and TV personality Emme Aronson became a spokesmodel for Revlon cosmetics. Queen Latifah has been the face of CoverGirl’s Queen Collection, a makeup line for dark skin tones, for more than a decade.

 “If a model has confidence in who she is and how she carries herself, size is irrelevant.”

People have to stop body-shaming. It always leads to anxiety, lack of self- confidence and serious psychological and societal effects. Feelings of shame, low self-esteem and Social isolation are a good few of many.  

Body-shaming victims are beautiful creatures, however, they go to body surgeries   Looking for a painful way to have a thinner body  to regain trust in themselves.

 It’s all about seeing  beauty for what it is and not what we think it should be.

We need to change the way we look at women. That’s a task on its own and a goal that we need to reach. It’s not the role of the media only, that task belongs to the people.

The beauty industry still has a way to go in achieving diversity, but “plus-size” models are using platforms like Instagram to be seen and heard.

Instagram has given the girls a voice. If they’re looking for different and bold, they’re going to start looking at Instagram.”

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