New surprises in the operetta are expected to be launched next year to celebrate the UAE’s 5oth national day, and the operetta makers came through and revealed that a number of Arab stars have joined alongside the world star Rihanna.

Composer Fahd Al-Nasser revealed new surprises in the operetta that he is preparing to celebrate the 50th UAE National Day next year, and said in a statement on “ET Bil Arabi” that there are a large number of Arab stars who will participate in the operetta, including the artist Hussein Al Jasmi, Rashid Al Majid and Balqees, Majid Al-Muhandis, Assala and Nawal Al-Kuwaitia alongside the American star, Rihanna.


Among the new surprises that Fahd Al-Nasser revealed was the artist, Aziza Jalal, is joining the stars of the operetta, in addition to the possibility of the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s participation as well, and he also mentioned that the work carries a mixture between the eastern, Gulf and western colors, and indicated that it will start in the Gulf and Emirati colors with Hussein Al Jasmi before moving to the pure western rhythm of the star Rihanna, and indicated that the listener will not feel this transition because the work will carry one single musical spirit.

A number of Arab singing stars participated this month in the 49th UAE National Day celebrations, and a number of them performed various concerts, most notably the artist Hussein Al Jasmi.