Sara Rostom started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5. She used to play with the ball, the rope, the ribbon and the clubs. She started at Alexandria Sporting club, and then at the age of 12 she joined the National Team of Egypt.


Among her achievements, 1st in the national championship, 1st in Alexandria as well (obviously!). She was ranked 2nd of Africa, during the 13th African Championship. In the world championship in Izmir in 2014, she was ranked 33rd.  She’s won 1st place in the national competitions for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014.

What is your inspiration and what pushes you to continue?

What motivates me the most are the good achievements I’ve made. I’m also known for having a great flexibility, which is always an advantage. Everyone has a goal, and one of my goals was to reach the Rio Olympics in 2016.


Your Future

A big part of my future is based on sports and fitness in general and rhythmic gymnastics in specific. I go to college and have a career of course, but I will never stop my passion. As for my professional future I see myself as a judge in gymnastics, working and also training rhythmic gymnastics and Fitness in general


Your Dream

My dream is to get more people to lead a healthy life, to have fitness as a daily routine in Egyptian youth life in general. Regarding my main sport, rhythmic gymnastics, I want more people to get to know it the right way, to have a school to teach young girls the culture, the discipline and the ethics of the sport before teaching them the techniques

Hard Moment

I also had a hard experience with the sport, since i had a serious back injury and trauma that forced me to quit the professional level of hard competitions and deprived me from joining the Olympic games at Rio which was my dream. However, I never quit practicing, training and I am still attached to the game as a judge.

That’s why I want to have this kind of Academy that can monitor and avoid sports injuries and traumas coming from Mal practice. Physiotherapy and field trauma doctors deal with the reaction, i want to prevent the cause and deal with the action itself

How does it feel to train with and by your sisters?

We are 3 girls, and the 3 of us are rhythmic gymnastics players. My older sister, Yasmine,  was very successful I joined her. My older sister is my trainer, and my little sister, who’s 6 years younger also joined the National Team. My older sister is now an Olympic judge. She was a member of the jury when I played during the 12th African championship. We also played against each other, it was hard to have a competition between two sisters!  image4-2image5image7image8


Tell us about rhythmic gymnastics in General

First of all the dress code depends on the choreography or the dance. We go to camp to prepare the routines, for 2 or 3 weeks. I went to Russia 7 times for different camps. During training we invent the choreography and in camps they arrange, change or fix it.  For now, my sister produces my routine. My favorite routine is the one with the ribbon. The judge decides based on various aspects, for example if my feet are perfectly elevated, or if the steps are exactly synchronized with the music, or if the choreography ends in the right time.