We hope this will not be “Akher Oghneya”.

By: Nour Sakr

Yesterday, the quite talented Music Band “Cairokee” released a new music video for their latest freedom themed single “The Last Song”, which mainly talked about freedom of speech, opinions, actions, and how governments clog every mouth that spills a word that goes against their schemes.

The secret behind Cairokee’s music video is its hidden images that can only be seen if you watch the video with good quality and pause whenever you see some sort of “Signal Error” that stays for less than a second on the screen, but still can be noticed clearly.




The idea thats involved in the genius, inspiration and kind of artistic music video, sparked controversy and enthusiastic debate among the social networks with their unique, extremely expressive and on-point kind of idea.

Leading the sequence of Thawra’s events starting from the day on which Egypt dropped Ex-president Mubarak up until other very recent events.

If you are deep enough you’d realize that behind the big portrait of the idea there are small images.

In other words, the idea of hiding the pictures is because it’s very unsafe to express your opinions and its not only unsafe, but it means you purposely don’t want this thing to be seen, regarding the bad consequences you are going to be exposed to.

 The obvious interceptor tendencies the song represents only contains messages to the listeners and wasn’t only talking about the governments, the systems and how they control their nations with only what they think is good for them to stay in power, and how they push the youth into the wrong directions with enough distractions, for them as “The people with all the control, but also the ones who will get enough blame if people discovered what they were cooking the whole time”, to allocate the land till the very last feet.

The “Signal Errors” that was supposed to grab your attention something is behind them, they refer to the governments that cut signals over who expose and reveal them to the people and as i mentioned previously ” they clog every mouth that spells a word that goes against their schemes”

 I really don’t know whether they mean to shoot at the train rod area; referring to lots of train incidents that have been propagandized to be used as big distractions to divert the focus from other political issues, But this is most likely the reason.

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