By Fitness Nutritionist: Ola Bennis 

‘Thinking? Overthinking? Happy? Worried? No matter how we’re feeling we usually run to the kitchen to have it solved, or let’s say relieved. Unluckily those bites that have just satisfied you won’t satisfy you for long, especially when you look at the mirror and guilt starts.¬†

Not gonna tell you how to stop this habit this time, instead lets play it smart. We usually open the fridge and eat whatever we find in front of us. I call it the” first seen first eaten pattern”. One good way to deal with that is to keep our fridges healthy and our kitchens light. Let’s stuff our kitchens with only healthy choices so that if we start emotional eating we’d count it as a healthy snack. A snack that your body will thank you for, and your metabolism will be at its best.”

Here are some tips to help you counterattack your old habits.

1- On your grocery shopping trip make sure you have a list of what you need.

Don’t leave it till you’re there where the eye-catching stuff attract you and your decisions are changed. Likely don’t walk in the isle where jam is, while you don’t want to buy jam.

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2- Find a healthy alternative for every not-so- healthy choice.

Choose whole- grain bread over white bread. Dark chocolate over caramel and crisps chocolate. Baked chips over fried ones. Unsalted nuts over crackers.


3- Read the labels before buying packed food.

When grocery shopping, make sure you read the labels and avoid trans fat, long ingredient lists containing lots of artificial ingredients and added chemicals as well as healthy products that contain unhealthy additional sugars added.


4- Get rid of low- quality foods. This includes highly processed food, high fat food and canned food.

No matter what eating pattern you’re following, don’t forget that no food is off the limit. Too much of anything is of no good.