Red Bull SoundClash

A live musical showdown Friday 24th of February

Sharmoofers VS. Massar Egbari




On Friday February 24th, around 9,000 spectators will gather at Dandy Mall in 6th of October City to witness a unique musical showdown that will bring Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari, under one roof. Red Bull SoundClash will feature the two bands who have different sounds, styles and influences, with the aim to give their best to music lovers.

The awaited musical extravaganza is almost here! Red Bull is ready to fire up the stage with its extra special event, SoundClash, for the third time.

We all remember Cairokee and Wust ElBalad’s mash up in the first edition, and also, how Sharmoofers and Cairokee left their clashing tunes sparkling all over the place in the second. Both editions were more than impressive, leaving the entire crowd eager for the next one.


Finally, the long wait has come to an end! This year, Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari are going to be SoundClash’s stars. The event will take place on February 24th near Dandy Mall, where a stage is built specially for the event, under the name of “Masna3 El Mazzika”.

Red Bull SoundClash aims at supporting Egypt’s local talent, through showcasing unique skills and captivating performances by bands that rose to fame from the country’s underground music scene. This is the third clash in Egypt, Red Bull SoundClash was held two times before; the first was in 2013 between CairoKee and Wust El Balad, while the second took place in 2015 between CairoKee and Sharmoofers.


As usual, the rules are clear; both bands will have to sing each other’s songs in their own way and preferred style, and at the same time, they can always surprise us by adding a unique musical touch to their own songs. How they’ll do it? No one has a slight idea, but what we’re certain about, is that they’ll definitely entertain us.

This year, Sharmoofers take part in Red Bull SoundClash for the second time, while Massar Egbari are competing for the first time. It all starts with the warm-up session, where each band will perform three songs, to give the audience a foretaste of the show. After the contest kicks off, the bands will take opposing stages. In The Cover, both bands will be covering the same song in their own personal style. Then there is The Takeover, where both bands will finish the second half of a song started by the opposing band in their own styles.


The musical battle heats up in The Clash, with each band performing its own songs in three different styles, adding a twist to one of the most electrifying rounds. At this point of the ‘clash’, expect the unexpected! Then we get to The Wild Card, where Sharmoofers and Massar Egabri will both invite special guests to perform with them on stage, only to galvanize the audience, as the wild card is a surprise superstar. All options are open in this unprecedented battle!



مسار اجباري