An Egyptian young man made headlines when he resorted to an innovative and smart idea to raise awareness among people about the seriousness of the emerging corona virus, in an attempt to persuade them to observe preventive instructions, such as wearing a mask.

The Egyptian young man who plays the character of Batman, says that the year 2020 “needs Batman, not Santa Claus, to save people from the Corona pandemic and spread joy during Christmas.”

Basem Raouf, 28, usually drives his car, which resembles a Batman car, around his neighborhood in Cairo, waving to strangers and stopping for those who wanted to take pictures with him.



However, this Christmas season, as the Corona pandemic limits the usual celebrations, Raouf, who usually appears in batman-like clothing, gives out masks to people he encounters on his way. Raouf, a company owner, said: “In the current year, we do not need Santa Claus. We need a legendary figure known in the world to save people, young and old.”

He added that this character is needed “to raise awareness about Corona, especially since children need a greater awareness of the issue.”