Last year Sahel was a trending topic on social networks along with it being an everyday discussion hearing the same lines from everyone “Sahel is too expensive, Beach is too crowded, and People are too fake”. They discussed how some people behave in a very fake manner; and how they like to look like they are from the wealthy filthy rich Marassi villa owners. . Honey, we see you at the gate stuck and calling for someone to let you in!

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This year Sahel Season reached its peak, every person decided to take a different side of this stupid, but kind of critical (people made it so), topic.

Whether you like and enjoy Sahel or get annoyed by all the weird behaviors some people do, you should really listen to this song and figure out if you’re one of the “Abo Galambo El-Bahr Squad” Takh is talking about in his video or not!

Takh made it mentally, to the point where he did analyze everyone on the beach from the “Forma” aka the guy who almost sleepovers at the gym 2 months before the summer season to look stuffed, to girls with the famous picture pose “El Hosan” (two hands on her waist). He also mentioned the part where girls hold their bellies in to look like they have flat stomaches! LOL

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Takh advices everyone not to overly move with the beat (we know it’s irresistible, but please)

also not to shake your ciggy too much to avoid looking like ABO GALAMBO EL BAHR!!

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