The 31st release day of Wonder Woman will marked a monumental shift in superhero films, and mainstream blockbusters. There have been movies with female protagonists, and female superheros. Wonder Woman, however, takes a whole different scale, and is the embodiment of a female superhero fans have been waiting forever to see on the big screen.



Others, however, aren’t as excited. The movie has been receiving backlash ever since it was announced they will be making one. But the main source of backlash that is urging fans to boycott the movie is the leading actress herself, Gal Gadot.



According to, “Gal Gadot is a solider and agent of this settler colonialism, a poster-child of the military-complex and the police state, and a famous one at that.” The writer is referring to Gal Gadot’s israeli roots, and her time serving in the israeli military. “Every single time Diana Prince (aka- Wonder Woman), shed tears on screen over the children dying at the hands of merciless German soldiers during her trip to the end of World War One, I kept whispering, “but Gal, what about the children in Gaza?” said Lara Witt from

0d40ef55581cdb75-e1489014038534The boycott has even spread to a country-wide ban in places such as Lebanon, who have managed to prevent the screening of the movie altogether. Jordan is on the list of countries considering banning the movie as well.



Despite boycotts however, the movie is currently breaking records at the box office. It’s opening weekend beat both Iron Man and Thor’s.


Do you think the boycott is justified? Or that the actress’s nationality should be separate from the role she is playing?