By: Hana Kotb

It might sound too “western”, but  celebrating Thanksgiving with friends (hence, Friendsgiving) is simply about being thankful or appreciative of all the people and things you have in your life, which we can all agree is universal!

So here are the rules of Friendsgiving!

1) Scheduling Your Friendsgiving

Anytime in November works! It’s nice to narrow it to just one month in the year so that you can commit to making this new tradition an annual occurrence.

2) Planning Your Dishes

This gathering is a potluck dinner (AKA a dish party). The host should assign people a general category (potatoes, salad, drinks, dessert), which means you need to be certain who is coming and who can’t make it. That said, the host should make the main dish: the turkey! Feel free to replace turkey with whichever protein of your choosing (you’re starting a new tradition, which means you get to make the rules!)

3) Setting the Scene

Make sure you have plenty of serving utensils and platters. If your friends are bringing sides, have them bring serving bowls too. If anyone calls and doesn’t know what to bring, suggest snacks like mixed nuts and chips. Those are always welcome.

As long as your table is full of friends (and your friends are full of food), you can consider your Friendsgiving a success!