Your North Coast Workout Handbook

You’ve had enough ka7k to last you till next Eid. Now it’s time to burn off all those excess calories. Stay fit while vacationing in the North Coast with these trendy workout spots!

The Fitness Grind

fitness grind

          By Muhammad Sherif

Location: Telal, Sidi Abdelrahman

Contact: 01149988995

Weekends only




By Aly Mazhar

Location: Lake Yard, Hacienda Bay

How to register for a class:

  1. Download their application “BeFit Egypt” and create an account.
    2. Under “Programs”, tap on BeachFreak to check the schedule of classes then tap & hold the class you wish to register for.
    3. If you wish to cancel, simply click on “My classes” on your top right and hold the circle in for the class you’ve registered for.

* You can pay a drop-in fee or buy a package in class.

* Class registration ends at midnight (the night before a class).




By Hussien Abdel El Dayem

Location: Bianchi, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Contact: 01065089911

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday


AOS (Art of Sport)


By Youssef Salem

Location: Diplo

Contact: 0102 600 0309


yalla yoga 2

Location: La Vista Cascada, 130 KM (about 5 minutes from Marassi)

9am – Morning Energizer Yoga
5pm – Sunset Beach Yoga
8pm – Evening Meditation under the stars

Call or sms 0122.22.99.506 to reserve a spot

Contact: 01278663371

CrossFit Hitters

crossfit hitters 2

Location: Telal, Sidi Abdelrahman
Contact: 01000450010 or 01001131664

Location: La Vista

Gold’s Gym


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