SEETHRU would love to announce the opening of the National Alexandria Sporting Club Tennis G3 Tournament, which was held from the 8th of April for seventeen days under the supervision of the Egyptian Tennis Federation and Captain Samy Hamed as the general referee of the tournament.

The tournament is powered and sponsored by Up-west for Entertainment & Marketing Solutions.


According to Mr. Karim Balbaa, the general spokesman of the tournament, this year’s G3 tournament has 91 players under the age of 9 as well as 102 players under the age of 10.As for the official competition, about 320 players from all ages, starting from 12 years up to 18 years for both the boys and girls divisions are competing. Mr. Balbaa added that we have to give a big thanks to the board of Alexandria’s Sporting Club under the head of Eng. Badawy as well as to all the sponsors that are supporting the tournament and looking forward for more during the coming season.


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Also, Mr Karim Balbaa explained “The first beach Tennis tournement under the Supervision of the ETF will be held at Alexandria Sporting Club beach tennis court that was made specially for the event”.


Again he added “Very thankful to the board of the club and the ETF board”.
The event will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of April.