By: Noureen Nasser 

Even though it’s been over a month since Gouna Film Festival’s hit song “3 daqat” had been released, but we still can’t help it but step feet anywhere and listen, sing, and hum “emta el hob tal…”.

The very buoyant vibe the song gave us all was enough to make us 3 daqat-holics, not long enough till they released the music video that reached 2m views in just two days. The music video was the cherry on top of the song; it gave us the chance to watch our new favorite song featuring our favorite artists, we couldn’t ask for more.


The fact that our very dear Yosra came back to the singing field was enough to make us all curious and excited to the art work. We just didn’t think she would be equally excited to an extent of singing the song along anywhere. A couple of days ago the cheerful and outgoing Yousra was spotted singing and dancing to the beats of her “3 daqat” with some chefs at a restaurant, and I don’t think her excitement and happiness about the song could have been expressed otherwise.