From sun-soaked poolside parties to late night bashes filled with DJs, pounding beats, belly dancers, tanned bodies and a hint of salt in the air. Nothing says summer more than Sahel! The North Coast is always evolving, with new places opening up every year. Here are three of the sexiest additions to the coast this summer. 




Without a doubt, the two most popular parties in Egypt are Back2Basics and Blurr. Instead of competing with one another, why not combine? Ismail Kassem of Back2Basics and Coco Mokhtar and Abou Samra of Blurr came together to create Marassi’s newest crossbred club—Club Central. They’re taking party themes to the next level. It’s not just about the music genre, but about the sound and feel of the night, as well. The club has four themed nights: Brooklyn Club Central (Hip-Hop), Retrospect (00s), Pop Cabaret (Oriental) and Hybrid (House), which takes place every Thursday and is said to be THE party to be at every Thursday night!




Ios’ Club Mint was widely-expected to be the North Coast’s hottest nightspot this year with nights full of music and mayhem. It lived up to the expectations when it brought us Safinar and Mahmoud El Leithy on their opening night. It was an audio visual extravaganza. Give this place a try, and you won’t be going home until the sun starts peeking out from beyond the horizon. Prepare for some serious partying with amped up energy and nocturnal antics. These guys don’t mess around. For reservations contact 01229444467 or 01229444468




Have you ever been to Santorini, Greece? It’s a flat-out gorgeous volcano-island, with white buildings, blue rooftops and even bluer waters. The good news is that you don’t need to book your tickets or apply for visas; Sanotrini came to us instead. OB Hotels & Restaurants, who bought us Loft 21 and Dos Cañas, created White Coast by Bianchi’s seashore. The pool-bar has a pool in the middle and a staircase exterior made out of striking natural white stones. Their restaurant also mastered the Greek vibe, with Mediterranean food, built-in sofas, wooden tables and rustic seating. White Coast is laidback and chill on some days and loud and vibrant on others. It goes both ways, with something in it for everyone! For reservations contact 01023695559

white coast 2

white coast1

By Hana Kotb