By: Hana Kotb

There are two types of sahel-goers. When you ask them whether or not they like clubbing, one would reply with a “hell, yeah.” The latter would say, “If by clubbing, you mean eat club sandwiches, then yes I like clubbing.” Whichever type you are, we’ve got you covered.


Who: For the party animals

What: A spot that featureslocal bands, musicians, and DJs

Where: In front of Hacienda

How: 01206695597

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Danos Beach Club

Who: For partiers and sushi-lovers (ask about their all-you-can-eat sushi offer!)

What: Beach club by day, nightclub by night

Where: Hacienda

How: 01555910000-2000-3000



Sachi by the Sea

Who: For those who love wining while dining

What: A deluxe culinary experience

Where: Hacienda White

How: 01111110255 




Who: For those who love club sandwiches by day, and those who love clubbing by night

What: Pool bar with a shisha rooftop lounge

Where: Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman’s Clubhouse

How: Reservations are made through their Facebook Page



Sodic’s Olympia

Who: For those who want to watch the World Cup in style

What: A place where you can eat, drink and watch the match

Where: IOS Village

How: 01115318943 or 01115318975


Rakkan by Sass

Who: Those who love clubbing all day long

What: Beach club by day, restaurant and nightclub by night

Where: Bo Islands

How: WhatsApp 01279966132 or 01279966135



Salt Beach & Restobar

Who: For the clubbers out there

What: Beach club by day and beach restaurant and bar by night

Where: Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman

How: Reservations are made through their Facebook Page



Lemon Tree & Co

Who: For clubbers in one location and for fancy diners in the other

What: Telal’s location is more of a fancy dinner type, while Marassi’s a nightclub

Where: Beach Bar in Telal and Nightclub in Marassi

How: 01156669995 or 01156669996



6ix Degrees

Who: The wild ones

What: Doubt this place needs an introduction

Where: Hacienda Bay

How: 01224566666



M Porium

Who: The shisha-lovers and casual-diners

What: Outdoor plaza and shopping hub

Where: Marassi

How: Just show up!



Telalians by the Platform

Who: The ones over clubbing

What: Group of cafes where you can just chill

Where: Telal

How: Just show up!