It’s that time of Ramadan when you’ve sampled enough desserts to know which are worth the calories and which are, well, not. We still have a couple more weeks left, which gives you enough time to taste these must-try desserts!

Malbn Eshta, Abdel Rahim Koueider

We love Ramadan innovative desserts, but we still prioritize the traditional treats that will forever make our mouths water. Koueider is synonymous with malbn eshta, and it’s a greatly underrated ramadan dessert. This one’s on the top of our list for a reason!

For orders, call 01206665599.

59824101_1997688140340816_5764193565496311808_n60362516_2001030303339933_6251474188096241664_nAl-Basmoula, TBS

A twist on a classic Syrian dessert, TBS created a basmoula for everyone. Nutella and Hazelnut? Lotus and Almonds? Cream and pistachio? Yes, yes, and yes, please!

For orders, call 16679.59334985_2345439185506109_7762728434865799168_n59330320_2345439295506098_5055247799554146304_n

Profiterole Konafa, La Poire

Combining two of our favorite desserts, La Poire has reached a new level of genius with this one! This is their version of having your cake and eating it, too!

For orders, call 19515.

60351978_2249388955152137_3046666155570757632_n Pistachio Konafa & Omm Ali, Dukes

Pistachio might sound rather been there, done that, but this year, Dukes green pistachio paste Konafa is light and sweet… and hard to beat!

For orders, call 16340.


59778787_2138646452870958_3328819634034966528_nKonafa Cadbury Marshmallows, Nola

A play on the western campfire staple S’mores, this konafa will leave you wanting ‘some more!’ (pun intended!)

For orders, call 16714.

60958583_2798594816879665_1509831543147724800_nScreen Shot 2019-05-20 at 5.07.09 PMTres Leches, Talaat Patisserie
Blame it on Kersh Keepers, this dessert has everyone in line! It went viral so quick and orders are coming in so fast you have to order it a few days earlier now.

For orders, call 034815267.

Très Léchés cake, Salé Sucré pâtisserie

For orders, call 19632