Alexandria National Automotive (ANA), Authorized Dealer for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars presented the new E-Cabriolet at an absolutely luxurious Gala Dinner.

ANA recently hosted an exclusive Gala Dinner at the Beach, Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria, to celebrate with their loyal customers and to display the new E- Class Cabriolet.
The Four Seasons beach was decorated and designed to host the event, immersing the guests in an unforgettable experience.
The theme was absolute luxury and guests were treated to a very creative gourmet menu.

Providing superb entertainment for the evening were a harpist and a violinist.

Though unveiling the new E-Cabriolet was the main event of the night, the Gala Dinner was meant as celebration of the attendees, ANA loyal customers—the real stars of the night.

The event’s styling team created a truly magical this ambiance by adding smart, shimmering features to the tables, complete with its own centerpiece, which was different for every table. The atmosphere was absolutely exciting, with colors (silver, black, white and blue) scattered all over the entire event space.