Although some can’t stand the game because of the generally slow build-up and on-field theatrics, football – or soccer – is by far the largest sport in the world when it comes to both participation and support. On top of the great moments that happen on the pitch, the highlights off the field are a huge drawing card for passionate fans and casual viewers alike.

Yesterday’s Al Ahly (Egypt’s Champion) was overshadowed by a flying kiss from one of the fans who lead the main attraction off the pitch. Certainly for casual viewers the female fans in the standsheir flamboyance and colorful nature makes it easy for eyes to wander in their direction.

SeeThru’s very own PR manager, who was cheering Al Ahly as usual; Mary Mansour Miss Congeniality 2014.

Mary spiced up the qualifying match for the 8th role in the African Champions league as she appeared on the camera facing the crowd, blowing a kiss to all the Ahly’s supporters and sending her congrats all over Egypt on air.

Mary Mansour appeared on “Qawy Albak” and “Mozee3 Al Arab”, as she also models in Television and media Ads and the camera is not new for her.

“I was very excited for Ahly’s last gasp victory over the Tanzanian club and that they are now qualified for the group stage of Africa championship” Said Mary.

Mary also sent her gratitude to everyone who shared her greetings on T.v during and after the game, she also added on her page “I’m very honored to be one of the fans of Ahly Club and it’ll always be something special for me to attend the Ahly Matches and support them”

“I was sending my greetings to the fans in my own way and facing the camera was a total coincidence” Mary said.

Watch Mary Mansour on “90 Daqiqa” Mehwar Channel on Sunday 9:00 PM.

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By:Nour Sakr