The Hottest Fashion Accessory Right Now is a Wall! (scroll the gallery above)

The Latest Accessory is NOT a Handbag or Sunglasses…

 Interestingly, the most fashionable thing right now is…wait for it…a WALL! It’s becoming more popular than ever, with fashion bloggers, social media influencers and almost everyone taking pictures on front of beautiful, colorful walls around the world.

Salma Abu Deif got this trend pinned down! She’s one of Egypt’s biggest trend-setters and up-and-coming models. With almost 85K followers, her Instagram is evidence that a wall can make or break your picture… In her case, it definitely made her pictures! From Cuba to New York to Egypt, she definitely knows how to rock a brick backdrop!


Salma Abu Deif, Photo By Moamen Zedaan

Another Instagrammer you should keep an eye out for is Nour Madkour, Alexandria’s favorite fashion stylist and the founder of The 3rd Left concept store. She really knows how to work a wall! Here are some of our favorite Instagram posts of hers! Take a look at this slideshow, and you’ll agree with us that a backdrop is definitely the hottest accessory!


(All photos are taken from Salma and Nour’s Instagram accounts. Check out their Instagram accounts for more fashion inspiration: @salmaabudeif @nourmadkour)