These are some of the most talented actresses working in Egypt today. They are all successful actresses who are current stars or are on the rise. Every day, we meet famous new actresses in the industry, and this is a round-up of those extremely talented and beautiful actresses.

Some of these stunning actresses have grown up in the public eye and some just exploded onto the screen.  We love them all. Even though these actresses play different characters onscreen, they are more than just the prettiest, hottest or sexiest female celebrities, they are the next generation of the Middle East’s entertainment scene.

SeeThru took a look at the Ramadan Series and at the careers of already stars and up-and-coming talent  and we realized the entertainment world is changing. We then nominated some of the talents who we believe will be the next generation of the entertainment industry.


Aicha Bin Ahmed

Newton’s Game


Aisha has been famous forever, so we don’t really need to tell you who she is. Aicha rose to prominence after appearing as Laila in “Nisr Al Saeed” , this Tunisian beauty starred in one of the most talked about shows this Ramadan; Newton’s Game, and she’s proven to be more than just beautiful eyes. Aïcha showed tons of range in the show and her career seems to be on the rise.

aicha 2

Make sure to keep an eye out for this beauty, as she will become one of the biggest names by the end of the year, if not already! Her performance was remarkable and the show wouldn’t have been the same without her. This year she got her chance to shine alongside Sayed Ragab, Mohamed Mamdouh & Mona Zaki which we consider her breakout role with her powerful and courageous performance. Aisha is quickly becoming one of Egypt’s newest stars who will dominate the big and small screen for a long time to come.

Whatever Aicha does next, she’s sure to be a standout star.

Tara Emad

Tara became an instant teen icon with her starring role in Al Jamaa’ series and her young modeling career. Her acting career took off with her own movie and then the lead role in “Saheb Al Saada,” alongside Adel Emam where she met Mohamed Emam. Now you can watch Tara shine in “Moussa” where she portrays Mohamed Ramadan’s first love, in challenging role that proves that Tara is an actor extraordinaire whose already-incredible career is just getting starting.

Tara is quickly making her  mark on the Egyptian drama.


 tara emad 1

tara emad 2

Rana Raeis

Raise seemed to come out of nowhere this year. She became a breakout after her starring role in « Naguib Zahi Zarkash,” in front of the legendary Yahia Al Fakharany, and the series was praised for being the only light series this Ramadan. She jumped a few steps higher in fame.

 Now you can watch Raeis in the series where he portrays Al Fakharny’s favourite niece, a small but breathtakingly funny role. It’s a big year for Eana Raeis!
All that, and her amazing smile, makes Raeis one to watch.

She’s got a bright future ahead.

rana raeis

Mayan El Sayed

Manar, The Counter Attack-Nour, Civil War

Mayan is destined for great things and she is likely on her way to becoming a much bigger star.

She has grown into being a fine character actor. Her turn in “Harb Ahleya” alongside with Yousra  is a hit and it showed the kind of actor she can be. She can simply make you laugh and cry!

mayan 2

There was reason for skepticism about this generation. After all, could these child actors really shoulder the load? It turns out they could, and Mayan is one of them who is already turning into a real star.

She’s also a talent who can do both comedy and drama.

On top of her budding career, Mayan is an activist. Her powerful words on feminism and other causes resonate with other teens who don’t see themselves represented in the media landscape.


Hoda El Etreiby

Hind- El Maloush Kebeer

hoda 1


We have a feeling Hoda is about to become a huge star. She is starting to carve out her own fine career. She’s had roles in a few notable series and films and now, it’s hard not to notice Hoda and not just because she’s a real Arabian beauty; She’s also shown that she’s got plenty of acting chops to go with her beauty, especially in ” El Maloush Kebeer”  That was a bit of a star turn for her, and we’re excited to see what’s next for Hoda.


Tamima Hafez


Salma -The Counter Attack ( Hagma Mortada)

Wherever it is she came from, Tamima has caught the public eye, and most probably, its heart as well.

She made an immediate impact. There’s no turning back from starring in one of Ahmed Ezz & hind Sabry’s series,  especially a successful one. On top of that, Tamima has shown she’s a talented actor,

Esraa Rakha

esraaRanda, Cairo-Kaboul- Nesma, Lahm Ghazal

Esraa turned heads this Ramadan and that really got her name on people’s lips. She’s started her career with a bang. Esraa rose to fame and no one will stop her. She is starting to carve out her own career . Keep an eye on her!

esraa 2

Nour Ehab

This young artiste started out with the little girl’s roles and is now brushing shoulders with Egypt’s elite actors as she begins an acting career of her own.

Ehab grew up in the public eye. And now, she has found her groove.

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