By: Yara Aboueleinein

How can you miss sweaters in winter?This winter, why not prepare different sweaters to pair your looks? One of the popular patterns must be stripes. Striped pieces can be worn by you all the year round. They can fit for many events and occasions. If you have a striped sweater for the winter wardrobe, you will not miss today’s post.

The post is all about the outfit ideas. How to wear your striped sweater perfectly? Here are solutions. It is versatile to wear striped sweaters. They can go well with skirts, tights and jeans. Also, they can be the good lining for your stylish coats.

It is classic to wear a black and white striped sweater. You can pair it with flare pants to make a casual look.


Tuck your striped sweater into your skinny jeans in order to show the silhouette. When it is cold, you can add a any color coat to keep warm.

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A striped shirt under overalls looks SO cute and whimsical.

Wearing sandals with them are obviously more for summer, but add ankle boots or heels to make this work for winter.

fashion-2015-11-fall-winter-overalls-camille-over-the-rainbow-main    Le-Fashion-Blog-London-Street-Style-Green-Hat-Short-Blonde-Bob-Long-Sleeve-Striped-Shirt-Denim-Overalls-Leopard-Coat

If you want to go for a more casual princess vibe, wear your striped shirt with a tulle skirt and add a denim jacket.


It is cool to wear a striped sweater, a pair of leather jeans and an opened black vest.

Striped-Sweater-and-Leather-Jeans (1)

Striped sweaters can pair your leather jacket well.


Add oxford shoes, a skirt, a blazer, a statement necklace, and a hat. It seems like a lot, but it really works.


As striped tshirts works with skirts you can wear them with shorts, and you can change,have your skirt or short striped and put on different tops.


Keep it cozy with a jeans jacket like Bella Hadid and you can add a knit scarf.

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A fur vest over your shirt will keep you cozy and look super glam.